How do you do and how might you do? 

Most folks ask: “where are you from?” or “what do you do?” more the latter in major metropolitan areas. “How do you do?” lends itself to how you are managing, how you are making it work, and questions of what feels doable. These three small but mighty words invite ‘do you need anything from me?’, ‘how can I help you?’, and ‘what would it take?’  I am Leslie Shah. I am a Transformative Leadership Coach, a public health and population health professional, and the President and Founder of Strategic Resolve Partners. How you do what you do, past, present and future – these are the things I want to know.  These are things I want you to know.

Helping People Step Into an Organizational Culture Very Different from Their Own

More than what I want to do, this is how I work:

  • Helping New and Emerging Leaders Transition and Succeed
  • Federal Sector Leadership Development
  • Primary Care Leadership Coaching – leveraging relationship to serve mission, margin, quality and access
  • Recognizing Life Living for People Approaching End of Life
  • Growing the Capacity of Young People – Honoring Emerging Identities and Socio-Emotional Health

I believe in your capacity, I recognize your potential and I honor your kinetic energy.  I practice and work knowing that awareness drives choice and choice drives action.

A strategic partnership – coaching challenges you to:

  • Identify issues and strategies,
  • Recognize the relationship of value and costs,
  • Turn to what hurts internally and externally,
  • Prioritize needs,
  • Address conflict,
  • Approach people as resources,
  • Shed self-limiting beliefs,
  • Communicate effectively,
  • Plan, deliver, and celebrate.

What can you expect?

Clients who stay with the work learn to mitigate their flight, fright, and freeze responses.   Clients are clear about what is okay, and what is not. They communicate wants, needs, and expectations openly.  They ask of themselves and of others how they want to be held accountable. They identify what belief systems they are holding onto. They recognize the ways they are in relationship. Relationships are healthier as a function of inter and intra-personal health. Core identities emerge and we flourish.

It is a six-month agreement to meet. We meet three times a month. I am paid in advance. To stay with the work is to do the work. 

How we do it and where we do it: Coaching is conducted in person, over the phone, using Zoom©, and using email.   Contact me through my website www.strategicresolvepartners.comor call me 703.731.1549.

Write or call so that we may set up a first meeting.


Leslie Shah

Ms. Leslie Shah, MHS, CPC
President and Founder

Ms. Shah holds a Master of Health Science in Health Policy and Management from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, a Certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from the Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies, and an internationally recognized Professional Coaching Certificate in Transformative Leadership from Leadership That Works. She conducts Reconciliation Mediation using a relational approach to conflict resolution to support a shared recognition of wants, needs and values.

Beyond where she went to school, Leslie’s core identities related to work includes: federal sector programmatic oversight; gender based violence prevention; intersectional identity leadership; public and private sector conflict resolution; communicated leadership; and capacity building through recognition and empowerment.

She is Hospice Caring volunteer, a facilitator with Soliya International, and a panel Mediator for the State of Maryland. Three wonderful children in her life keep her energized, engaged, and in touch.  An active member of the Sandy Spring Friends Monthly Meeting, and several professional communities of practice, she is recognized as a living testament to the neuro-plasticity of the brain. 


Leslie Shah

“We Work (Rest and Play) in Relationship” Strategic Resolve Partners

Mr. Len Rickman, MA – Rickman Research and Communications LLC

Len Rickman, M.A., has more than 30 years of experience in market, social, employee, communications, and human experience (HX) research. Len uses focus groups, in-depth and cognitive interviews, surveys, and HX tests to evaluate services, products, and communications. His research often includes emotionally sensitive issues and reluctant respondents. Len manages all or specific pieces of research. Each project uses established methods, customized for the client. When appropriate, Len blends techniques into a client-based hybrid. His clients receive strategic information and recommendations, and appreciate his dedication and “people skills.”

Len’s qualitative and quantitative findings inform leadership of organizational hurts, customer relationships, staff satisfaction, human interaction and coaching creates opportunities for change leadership. We work independently and collaboratively.  As awareness drives action, so do we support your work, your outcomes, and your growth.  

Len has collected qualitative data from more than 2,000 respondents, and quantitative data from more than 15,000 respondents across many professions, job titles, industries, demographics, and locations (25 countries).  His articles about how and when to conduct research have been published by the American Marketing Association Washington, DC Chapter, and the Greater Washington Society of Association Executives. He has led many presentations and discussions about research methods, innovations, and solutions.

Len holds a Master of Arts degree in urban policy analysis from The New School for Social Research in New York, New York (1984), and a Bachelor of Arts degree in government from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts (1978). Mr. Rickman also has a certificate in focus group research from the RIVA Training Institute in Bethesda, Maryland (1991); and a certificate for completing the National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Research online training course “Protecting Human Research Participants” (2014).

Leslie Shah

Who would you hold and how would you hold them knowing reconciliation is possible? 

Mr. Lee Collins

Lee is a Reconciliation Mediator, an enthusiastic leader, an effective communicator, a trainer, and a strategic planner.  Lee is a Battalion Chief with the Prince Georges County Fire & EMS Department and a Mediator for Multi-Door Mediation in Washington DC.

Fourteen years of human capital management and municipal leadership honed Lee’s  attention to detail, his customer focus, and his natural organizational bend.  Cost, quality, access, and above all kindness are Lee’s pillars. He has lead personnel training, development, and counseling for emergency service employees. Lee has developed effective working relationship with volunteers and career staff, improved morale, and customer responsiveness to area residents.

Lee and I work independently and collaboratively as reconciliation mediators.  Our focus is familial reconciliation.  We recognize that relationships operate in proximity to each other, that lines will get crossed, and reconciliation is possible. Awareness can light the dark.   We support your work, your outcomes, and your growth.   

A Master candidate in Mental Health Counseling, Mr. Collin’s attention to the needs, values, capacities, and complexities of working relationships makes him an effective mentor, Mediator, and community leader.

Leslie Shah

“Friends Make for Good Working Relationships” 

Dr. Rhonda D. Poirier, DrPH, MA – Trega Partners LLC

Dr. Rhonda Davis Poirier is a change leader with over 20 years of health industry experience across the business, government and nonprofit sectors. Her passion is transforming ideas, new initiatives and stalled ventures into focused, cost-efficient and well-managed business strategies that improve health and health care, and deliver strong returns on investment.

Rhonda is a systems thinker and “big picture” person, having worked across several areas of the sector – finance and insurance, HIT and HIE, data and analytics related to evidence based outcomes and quality improvement initiatives, care delivery, coordination and population health management, as well as health policy, health systems management, public and community health. Her particularly fine honed skills in building cross-sector collaborations and non-traditional partnerships to meet the competitive challenges of today’s health care marketplace are just one advantage of her broad industry background.

Rhonda and I work independently and collaboratively as health center consultants.    We support fiscal, HIT, organizational development, strategic planning and related administrative, and governance functions.   We provide Board training and direct training and TA to health center staff.  

Dr. Poirier received her doctorate degree in health policy and management from Columbia University, and was a post-doctoral assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology researching hospital finance of uncompensated care. Dr. Poirier holds a certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from Georgetown University, a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Leslie Shah

“You’ve got this, you are doing great” –  lighting the night

Dr. Nancy Freeborne, DrPH, MPH, PA

Dr. Nancy Freeborne, DrPH, MPH, PA is a clinician, an educator, a beloved mentor, a consultant, and a sound manager. Her broad-based knowledge of the U.S. healthcare system, her community-health orientation, and her interests in scientific inquiry and social science research make Nancy a trusted and excellent guide. Nancy has practiced as a Physician Assistant in internal medicine, geriatrics, and women’s health for 32 years. She understands from clinical experience the health, economic and social needs of immigrants, the elderly, and the poor.

Her capacity to care and her understanding of the complexity of health disparities urged her into macro-level care and change. Nancy pursued advanced degrees in public health-a Master in Public Health in health administration (1994) and a Doctor in Public Health in health behavior (2009).

Nancy and I work independently and collaboratively as health center consultants.    We support clinical, quality assurance/quality improvement, administrative, and governance functions.   We provide Board training and direct training and TA to health center staff.  

Nancy has lead strategic planning and change management initiatives for George Washington University. She is a consensus-builder among diverse stakeholders. A Top 10 Advisor of the Year Nominee, Nancy has mentored and advised countless numbers of under-graduate and graduate public health students.

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